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    1. The latest version of the Taxonomy of Deliberate Practice Activities (TDPA) worksheets.
    2. Performance Benchmark Table (as featured in our book, Better Results).
    3. A Cheatsheet for the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS).

    PLUS... Access to our publications:

    1. Identifying and Refining Your Indivualized Learning Objective (Chapter 2_Chow et al 2023)
    2. The practice and the practical/ Pushing your clinical effectiveness to the next level (chapter from FIT Book_Chow 2017)
    3. Beyond Measures (Psychotherapy_Miller Hubble Chow Seidel 2015)
    4. Access to our chapter, Professional Development_From Oxymoron to Reality (Chapter in Cycle of Excellence_Miller Hubble Chow 2017)